Immersive Labs Acquires Snap Labs

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American cybersecurity startup Snap Labs has been snapped up by British cybersecurity startup Immersive Labs.

The acquisition of the Pennsylvania-based company was announced today by Immersive Labs founder and CEO James Hadley.

Hadley wrote that both companies share the belief that simulating real-world experiences is the best way to develop the in-depth cyber knowledge, skills, and judgment needed to tackle cybersecurity risk.

“It’s hugely exciting to be able to share this belief with other like-minded entrepreneurs and work together to take it to the next level,” wrote Hadley. 

“Today’s announcement of our acquisition of Snap Labs is evidence of this, taking us a step closer to realizing our vision of helping every organization stand confident in the face of cyber threats.”

The deal has led to the creation of a newly integrated platform capable of building multi-player simulations customized for specific environments and roles. Using the platform, customers can run cyber-crisis exercises and labs in a cloud-based replica of their own organization that comes complete with specific vendors. 

Hadley said that the new platform will allow customers to “build better cyber workforces with richly detailed realistic experiences pinpointed to the risk they face.”

Snap Labs was founded by Chris Myers and Barrett Adams in 2016, one year before Immersive Labs was established. The American company operates out of offices on East Palmer Street, Philadelphia. Its client list includes Mandiant, Accenture, Crowdstrike, and TrustedSec.

“Snap Labs has always strived to provide the most realistic environments and training experiences for cybersecurity teams. Immersive Labs’ vision to build cyber knowledge, skills, and judgement across the entire workforce is remarkably aligned with our own, and we’re extremely excited to bring our technology into their platform,” said Myers in a prepared statement.

He added: “The two platforms are a natural fit, and by combining them we hope to help our customers build even more resilience against cyber-threats.”

The terms of the deal have not been disclosed, though Immersive Labs has reportedly said that the acquisition was completed for a multi-million-dollar figure made up from cash and stock. 

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