LastPass Races to Fix Yet Another Serious Flaw

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LastPass engineers have Google researcher Tavis Ormandy to thank yet again for another busy few days after the British white hat found a second critical bug in the password manager.

Ormandy tweeted over the weekend that he began ‘working’ on the research in an unusual location:

“Ah-ha, I had an epiphany in the shower this morning and realized how to get codeexec in LastPass 4.1.43. Full report and exploit on the way.”

On Monday, LastPass responded by explaining that the Google Project Zero man had reported a new client-side vulnerability in its browser extension.

“We are now actively addressing the vulnerability. This attack is unique and highly sophisticated,” it added.

“We don’t want to disclose anything specific about the vulnerability or our fix that could reveal anything to less sophisticated but nefarious parties. So you can expect a more detailed post mortem once this work is complete.”

The firm offered a few steps that users could take to protect themselves from client-side security issues.

These include: launching sites directly from the LastPass vault; switching on two-factor authentication for any site that offers it; and to be constantly on the lookout for phishing attacks.

It’s the second vulnerability in a week that Ormandy has reported to LastPass.

Last week, the password manager firm was forced to fix a critical zero day that would have allowed remote code execution, enabling an attacker to steal users’ passwords.

The prolific Ormandy also helped to make the firm more secure last year when he found “a bunch of obvious critical problems” in the service.

Yet he has also publicly appeared to query the logic of using an online service which, if breached, could give up its customers’ passwords.

One Twitter follower claimed at the time: “I'm perplexed anyone uses an online service to store passwords.” Ormandy responded: “Yeah, me too.”

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