Ministry of Defence drops another Adobe PDF blunder; reveals radar defense secrets

The Adobe PDF faux pas comes in the wake of a similar MoD data publication blunder earlier this year, and which centered on supposedly nuclear submarine secrets, Infosecurity notes.

In both instances, says the red top tabloid, secret passages could be read by copying them into a new document.

"In the latest clanger the report told how wind farms affect nearby radar stations and how any interference can be overcome", says the paper, adding that the 22-page 'Air Defence And Air Traffic Systems Radar Transportation Study – Part 2' was posted on the UK Parliament’s website.

Commenting on the saga, Graham Cluley, Sophos' senior technology consultant, said that you have to wonder how many times the MoD are going to keep making basic data security mistakes.

“To make such a blunder once is unfortunate, to do it twice is careless in the extreme”, he said, adding that he hopes that the MoD have learned their lesson by now and provided an easy-to-understand guide for staff on how to properly redact documents.

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