Mobile/cloud workforce security issues covered in webinar recording

Jim Hansen of BigFix looked at some of the cloud security issues that result from an increasingly mobile workforce, whilst John Maddison of Trend Micro discussed the fact that - with as many as 25,000 malware variants appearing every day - how end point security users can cope.

Mark Starry, an IT manager with a major healthcare customer of both vendors, gave a presentation on how his organisation works with the security issues of operating a very public-facing business - and how he and his IT team cope with the very real threats hackers, criminals and malware pose against his IT resources.

Following the three presentations, there was a lively Q&A session in which the panel discussed a number of questions from attendees, including how thin client end points can cope with the need for frequent updates to the malware library.

Also discussed by the panel were the issues of interfacing legacy kit with new IT security solutions.

You can listen to this 60-minute on-demand webinar recording on the Infosecurity site by registering here...


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