#Oktane16: Okta’s New Offering Securely Connects Apps & Services to Any API

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Today, at Oktane16 in Las Vegas, Okta announced the launch of its new identity-driven API access management product, which secures APIs for businesses that are building products, sharing data with partners and enabling third-party developer ecosystems.

Okta API Access Management will, for the first time, allow IT leaders and developers to centrally maintain one identity and one set of permissions for any employee, customer or partner, across every point of access. Unlike legacy point solutions, this will be managed based on the user, and fully integrated with The Okta Identity Cloud.

“This is a huge step forward for our company and ecosystem. It opens a whole new realm of possibilities. This is an entirely new world for us,” said keynote speaker Todd McKinnon, CEO at Okta.

Speaking to Infosecurity at the event David Baker, Okta’s chief security officer, explained that API management systems are now very important tools for organizations as they accelerate the ability to go to market.

“It allows a company to have fewer people, to move a lot faster and to reach scale much, much quicker; that’s important because that’s how technology is changing,” he said.

Pitney Bowes is a global technology company that uses Okta’s new offering to secure its Pitney Bowes Commerce Cloud.

“Okta has a different focus on the business to consumer relationship, they show an understanding and depth which is important,” said James Fairweather, senior vice-president of technology at Pitney Bowes, who joined McKinnon on stage.

“Okta gives us an unprecedented level of agility, connecting all our digital experiences for the foreseeable future. There’s just one customer identity to manage, and that’s the beauty of it,” he added.

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