OutSystems Launches Data Sharing Platform to Help Combat #COVID19 in Portugal

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OutSystems has launched the Integrated Management Platform as part of a program to combat issues raised by the COVID-19 pandemic in Lisbon, Portugal. Developed in collaboration with The Lisbon Metropolitan Area, the Lisbon City Council, Deloitte and Hi Interactive, the platform enables rapid sharing of products, equipment and services between 18 municipalities around the Lisbon region to optimize the response to the crisis.

The initiative has been created as part of the COVID-19 Community Response Program, which aims to develop up to 20 apps to help authorities tackle the coronavirus. The Integrated Management Platform should now facilitate a co-ordinated approach to taking on the virus in this large region of Portugal. Using the platform, municipalities can not only manage their assets and services efficiently, including replenishing supplies, but they can also share vital information with neighboring authorities.

The parties collaborated to develop this marketplace using OutSystems’ low-code platform in just two weeks.

Gonçalo Gaiolas, product VP at OutSystems, said: “Facing this new reality, there’s a growing need for us to adapt. The OutSystems COVID-19 Community Response Program intends to help with that adjustment in a concrete and real way. We hope that this platform can grow so other government agencies can leverage it.”

Currently, there are over 300 items that can be managed on the platform, including gel alcohol, disinfectant, nitrile gloves, surgical masks and goggles. Other essential items, such as other medical materials and food, will follow shortly.

“With this Integrated Management Platform, the Metropolitan Area of Lisbon aims to ensure that those who fight daily for our well-being can continue to do so under the best possible conditions,” commented Carlos Humberto de Carvalho, first metropolitan secretary of Metropolitan Area of Lisbon Executive Committee.

The platform is another example of how technology and data gathering are playing a key role in efforts to combat the crisis and help countries resume normality.  

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