Splunk to Acquire TruSTAR

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California tech company Splunk has announced its intentions to acquire San Francisco–based cloud-native security firm TruSTAR.

The Data-to-Everything Platform providers shared news of their proposed acquisition on Tuesday. The terms of the deal have not been disclosed.

TruSTAR was founded in 2016 by Patrick Coughlin and Paul Kurtz on the mission to make threat detection and response simpler and more efficient. The company has more than 50 clients, including BNP Paribas, LogMeIn and Rackspace. 

"They share our passion for the value of data and the power of turning data into doing," said Splunk's senior vice president, cloud and chief product officer, Sendur Sellakumar.

"I’ve been very impressed with the growth not only of their solution but of their business."

Sellakumar went on to identify three core principles that Splunk and TruSTAR share. The first of these was the view that organizations "need a unified, data-centric view across their cloud environments, paired with the right analytics at the right time, for intelligent detection and response."

According to Sellakumar, both companies also hold the notion that the most effective way to accelerate efficiencies in the SOC is "to prioritize data with a focus on automation, improving your MTTD and MTTR outcomes."

The third principle to which TruSTAR and Splunk adhere is that "managing and integrating internal and external sources of intelligence accelerates outcomes across the security operations lifecycle, delivering customers critical and timely value," said Sellakumar.

TruSTAR is known for its Intelligence Platform, through which its customers can operationalize all sources of security intelligence across their teams, tools and partners.

Should the acquisition go ahead as planned, TruSTAR’s capabilities will be added to the Splunk Data-to-Everything Platform, allowing customers to autonomously improve their detection and response workflows with information from third-party threat intelligence sources as well as from their internal historical intelligence.

“We founded TruSTAR to help security teams unlock the signal in their data to accelerate automation and power seamless intelligence sharing while preserving privacy in the cloud,” said TruSTAR CEO Coughlin.

“We're thrilled to join Splunk. Combining TruSTAR with Splunk's leading enterprise data platform will bring security and IT teams to a new level of integration, automation and resilience.”

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