Stanford University Tops List of US Cybersecurity Degree Providers

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The cybersecurity degree offered by Stanford University has been ranked the best in the United States by independent educational organization Cyber Degrees Edu.

Private California university Stanford topped a list of America's 55 best cybersecurity degree providers published by Cyber Degrees Edu on May 18. In second and third place respectively were Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania and the University of California, Davis

Of the three top degree providers, Stanford has the lowest student-to-faculty ratio with 5 students to every 1 faculty member. At Carnegie Mellon, the ratio doubles to 10 to 1, while at the University of California, Davis, the ratio is an even higher 20 to 1. 

A proprietary ratings system was used to rank the various colleges and universities offering cybersecurity bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. 

The criteria used to determine the rankings included the school’s rates of acceptance and graduation. Researchers also compared educational establishments by their retention rate, which is the number of first-time students who return to the university the following year.

Stanford boasts the highest graduation rate with 94% of students leaving the university with a degree. At Carnegie Mellon, the rate is slightly lower at 89%, while at University of California, Davis, 86% of students graduate. 

Researchers also looked at the costs of studying, the grants and scholarships available, and which colleges specialized in cybersecurity with a variety of degree programs.

"All schools on the list are either high quality or very affordable and are located across the country," said a spokesperson for Cyber Degrees Edu. "While the list provides some of the best schools for cybersecurity, Cyber Degrees EDU also recognizes that it is important for students to find the best school for their particular needs and so these rankings aim to provide the information needed for students to make the best possible choice for them."

When weighing up which degree provider was best, researchers looked beyond the school's overall reputation to its alumni.

Cyber Degrees Edu said: "What matters most is the reputation of the individual cybersecurity program. That is why knowing which schools were attended by the best cybersecurity professionals is so vital."

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