“Unusually Unhinged” Cyber-stalker Jailed for 10 Years

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The United States has imprisoned a man who continued to cyber-stalk his ex-wife and kids after they moved states and changed their names to evade him.

The determined Oscar Adrian Marquez tracked his former wife, Jennifer Lorraine, and two daughters from New Mexico to Oregon, harassing them even after they purchased guns and took out a protection order against him.

Following a three-day trial in November 2020, 47-year-old Marquez was convicted of stalking, cyberstalking, and three counts of interstate violation of a protective order.

During his trial, the jury were played a song recorded by Marquez. The ditty—named "I only need one bullet"—detailed how one bullet would be sufficient "to settle the score" with the person who "took my kids, my money, my life, when you walked out that door."

On the stand at trial, Marquez suggested that the bullet he was singing about would be used against himself. 

The Marquez' marriage broke down in 2014 after what his wife described as years of physical and emotional abuse. That summer, Marquez kidnapped his children in the middle of the night. After being missing for a week, they were found in El Paso.

Lorraine reported his abuse and the kidnapping to the FBI, but that didn't stop Marquez from threatening to kill his ex-wife and her family and threatening them via voicemail and social media.

In 2017, Lorraine moved her family to Portland, Oregon, where she contacted the Oregon Crime Victims Law Center to keep their home address confidential and registered her protective order in the state's courts. 

Lorraine then bought mace, a Taser, guns, and a guard dog and installed an alarm and camera system in her home together with a silent 911 button.

Marquez left a note at Lorraine's mother's house, stating that he was going to find her daughter. On July 16, 2019, he posted his ex-wife’s new name and home address in Portland on social media.

Thirteen days later, Marquez was arrested as he drove past his ex-wife's new residence for a third time. 

US District Judge Michael Mosman described Marquez as “unusually unhinged” and "unusually" obsessed with his victims before sentencing him on May 3 to ten years in prison.

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