John McAfee turns up in Oregon to work on autobiography

The eccentric McAfee’s latest escapade is the decision to drive cross-country from Miami to Portland, Ore., after fleeing Belize and then Guatemala in the wake of a murder investigation.

He told the Oregonian that he plans to live there with as many as eight women, while he works on a graphic novel and an autobiography in conjunction with local illustrator, Chad Essley.

“I need to sell this book and this comic novel and this documentary," McAfee told the paper. "I can't do it unless people feel highly charged one way or the other, right?”

McAfee also weighed in on various issues, including why he must live with at least five women at any one time.

"Living with one woman is horrific," he said. "Living with two is nightmarish, but you get past five and suddenly they're entertaining themselves, really."

He also railed against money, which is something he has made a lot of thanks to the founding of McAfee Security decades ago. He is no longer associated with the company, but the fortune lingers. "It's the worst curse in the world," he said. "Believe me. There is no worse curse. Because money removes your freedom.”

A 67-year-old British citizen, McAfee fled his adopted home of Belize after he was wanted for questioning in the shooting death of his neighbor there, spending time in Guatemala before going on to the US. Just after the new year he accused the government of Belize of engaging in an anti-US campaign to help would-be Middle Eastern terrorists enter the US with fake Belizean passports – information on which he said he obtained through a spyware campaign.

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