John McAfee claims Belize is helping terrorists enter the US

In a Jan. 3 blog post entitled “A Clear and Present Danger,” McAfee said that Belize is clearly a "central player" in a "larger network  whose goal is to infiltrate the US with individuals having links to terrorist organizations."

The former security mogul said that he hired 23 women and six men as the first prong of his espionage plan, who were "given simple training on how to access and load software on someone's computer while they slept, or ate or made long phone calls etc." It is, he noted, “dead simple if you’re sleeping with someone: ‘hey babe, can I borrow your laptop?’” He also had them install spyware on their phones, McAfee said.

He also claimed that one of the members was “so accomplished that she became a double agent and nearly got me killed.”

In addition to the pillow-talk plan to install listening software on officials’ personal devices, McAfee said that he bought 75 cheap laptops, installed spyware that uses webcams and keylogging to gather information, and gave them as gifts to a range of powerful people, including police, government employees and Cabinet Ministers' assistants.

The results? McAfee claims to have hired a team of people to monitor the information coming in, and, he said, has uncovered innumerable affairs and other personal embarrassments. But in a much darker charge he also claimed to have evidence that Belize is actively participating in human trafficking and is aiding would-be terrorists in their quest to enter the US. The immigration authority is, McAfee asserted, using the identities of dead Belizeans to issue fake passport documents. A full 25% of the recipients are apparently from Lebanon, he alleged, but Iran is another top country of origin.

McAfee said the espionage effort was carried out in retaliation for an April raid on his Orange Walk property. “They had shot my dog, destroyed my property and stole hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of things that I valued,” he said.

McAfee has been on the run from Belize authorities since November, when he was wanted for questioning in the shooting death of his neighbor. McAfee, who founded McAfee security but exited the business 18 years ago, fled to Guatemala, where he was detained and had been expected to be extradited. He is now reportedly holed up at the Beacon Hotel in Miami.

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