Aussie Rapper Shares Cyber-Stalking Ordeal

A rap artist from Australia has publicly urged his cyber-stalker to "do something constructive with your life."

Alasdair Murray, who performs under the moniker Illy, was subjected to "malicious abuse" every day for a period of nearly two years by the unnamed cyber-stalker. 

Melbourne native Murray said the relentless perpetrator created more than 50 different accounts on social media and used them to harass the rapper, his family, his current and former romantic partners, and his friends. The cyber-stalker even targeted 34-year-old Illy's record label. 

Illy said that the cyber-stalker would publish lies about the artist online, then use their many social media accounts to make it appear as though multiple people were interacting and giving credence to what had been written.

The hip-hop star's ordeal was revealed in a social media post uploaded by Illy on August 4. In it, he describes the abuse he received as "constant" and "way beyond standard trolling."

Illy stated that his abuser didn't limit their actions to the virtual world, but also made false noise complaints about him to the police.

Receiving malicious direct messages and being subjected to various different forms of abuse on a daily basis for almost two years took its toll on the rapper.

"Having spent a big chunk of my life somewhat in the public eye, I’m usually pretty thick skinned, and accept that copping abuse comes with the territory. But for nearly 2 years I’ve copped constant, sustained, malicious abuse from an individual, way beyond standard trolling," wrote Illy.

He added: "Not responding, especially when it was hurting those closest to me, has been difficult. It started affecting my day to day mentality, and that of those around me. 

"Dealing with the damage to self-worth, purpose, and career Covid caused, combined with seeing myself and ppl [sic] I care about subjected to this poison, has been a lot."

Illy said that he will not be pressing charges against his cyber-stalker, who was identified and subsequently visited by authorities. 

The rapper said he chose to speak out about the experience "so anyone dealing with similar sh*t knows they don't have to."

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