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  1. WhatsApp: Newest Attack Target for Mobile Phishing

    Attackers have embraced other ways of utilizing phishing attacks, namely through messaging services such as WhatsApp, Skype, and even plain old SMS.

    1. Photo of Uladzislau Murashka

      Uladzislau Murashka

      Ethical Hacker, ScienceSoft

  2. The Culture Shock of a Non-Profit Founder of a Women in Cybersecurity Group

    There has to be a deeper systemic connection between the perceptions of cybersecurity at the citizen level, in addition to its stead in our current school systems.

    1. Photo of MacKenzie Brown

      MacKenzie Brown

      Research Principal at Optiv

  3. Adaptive Commensurate Response to Protect Cyber-Physical Systems

    Current cyber-physical system protocols and applications allow significant changes to a system to take place within a short time or small network footprint, which can be exploited

    1. Photo of Zhiyuan  Zheng

      Zhiyuan Zheng

      Computer Engineering Graduate

  4. Shielding Your Network from Dynamic Content Attacks

    How to defend against a CDN attack, and how they are orchestrated.

    1. Photo of Rehan Ijaz

      Rehan Ijaz

      Business Graduate and Entrepreneur

  5. Penetration Testers in the Cloud

    Even in the cloud, penetration testers can be the right people to identify the enterprise’s surface, complexity, and cyber weaknesses.

  6. Hardware Security Revisited

    Hardware is no less vulnerable to attack than any other system because hardware is an often overlooked piece of the security puzzle.

  7. Interview: Aimee Laycock, COO, CLTRe

    Understanding that your company has a security culture is one thing, but what do you do with the data?

  8. Why e-PHI Lies at the Heart of Any Good HIPAA Strategy

    What do IT vendors need to do to safeguard electronic protected health information?

    1. Photo of Rehan Ijaz

      Rehan Ijaz

      Business Graduate and Entrepreneur

  9. Beyond the 11%: How Women Can Bridge the Cybersecurity Talent Gap

    It is logical, practical and necessary to tap into women, and the skills we bring, to help fill the skills gap.

    1. Photo of Buffy Ellis

      Buffy Ellis

      General Manager of Academy at Focal Point Data Risk

  10. Cybersecurity's Challenge is to Attract More Women

    The issue is surely not about the gender of the people in the industry, but how we prepare ourselves for any circumstances that we find ourselves in.

    1. Photo of Nicky Lawlor

      Nicky Lawlor

      Business finance trainer at Creating Value and co-founder of cyberfen

  11. Five Ways to Write a Robotics Engineer Resume that Gets Noticed

    Five ways to write a robotics engineer resume that gets noticed.

    1. Photo of Grace Carter

      Grace Carter

      Tech Writer

  12. Is it OK to Reward Those Who Flag the Phish and Highlight Those Who Failed?

    If you socially engineer your employees, is it right to reward those who flag the phish and highlight those who failed - or vice versa?

    1. Photo of Lauren Zink

      Lauren Zink

      Security Awareness Manager, AmTrust Financial

  13. Your Gov Needs You To Help Develop the UK Cybersecurity Profession

    Consultation has begun on a new Government-sponsored cybersecurity profession standard.

    1. Photo of Andy Kays

      Andy Kays

      CTO at threat detection and response specialist, Redscan

  14. Interview: Aimee Laycock, CLTRe

    How the COO of CLTRe found herself in the right place to help companies improve their security culture and awareness

  15. Building the Next Generation of Cybersecurity Talent

    Let's embrace the talent we already have and get them into apprenticeships early in their careers while they’re still malleable

    1. Photo of Martin Rues

      Martin Rues

      CISO, Outreach Corporation

  16. What Do Chrome's New Security Warnings Mean for You?

    What will Google Chrome's security updates mean for Chrome users and website operators?

    1. Photo of Rehan Ijaz

      Rehan Ijaz

      Business Graduate and Entrepreneur

  17. Lessons from League of Legends Part 1: The Weakness of Strengths

    No matter where we are in our careers or personal life, we must step back and re-evaluate how we're strengthening ourselves and the environment around us.

    1. Photo of Fareedah  Shaheed

      Fareedah Shaheed

      CEO and Founder of Sekuva

  18. Let's Steal a Coin

    How can a hacker steal a cryptocurrency coin? To answer this question, certain types of Blockchain developer must be identified.

  19. Will Employees' Lack of IT Skills Lead to Security Issues in Future?

    Why better skilled people will make us more secure, but we're not heading in the right direction.

    1. Photo of Tom Chapman

      Tom Chapman

      Publishing Specialist, Wiseowl Training

  20. Building a Better-Rounded Cybersecurity Skills Resume

    Some tips on how to choose certifications and coursework that help you broaden your horizons and skills.

    1. Photo of Rehan Ijaz

      Rehan Ijaz

      Business Graduate and Entrepreneur

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