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  1. Enterprise Risk Management in Cybersecurity

    With each innovation, there are risks associated with it.

    1. Photo of Michael Effiong

      Michael Effiong

      Ph.D candidate at University of the Cumberlands

  2. Payroll: The Next Payment Security Battleground

    Payroll has served as a soft target for too long

    1. Photo of Ryan Kh

      Ryan Kh

      Founder/CEO of Catalyst For Business

  3. Interview: Haylin Abdulkadir, Purdue University Global

    Haylin Abdulkadir from Purdue University Global talks about trends in cybersecurity and how they affect her

  4. #NextGenResearch: Are Jobs Requiring Unachievable Levels of Experience and Qualifications?

    Are you seeing job ads for roles in cybersecurity requiring unachievable levels of experience and qualifications?

  5. #NextGenResearch: Would You Expect Company Training For Skills Required For Compliance and Cloud?

    Would you expect a company to train you on the job in those skills needed for compliance and cloud?

  6. Driving Tech Education in Foreign Lands

    For many, breaking into the cybersecurity industry can feel like a direct road without a starting point.

    1. Photo of James Mullen

      James Mullen

      Security Consultant, Edgescan

  7. #NextGenResearch: Is There Enough Training to Work With IaaS?

    Is there enough training and education on how to work with infrastructure as a service options?

  8. #NextGenResearch: How Familiar Are You With Compliance Frameworks?

    Are you aware of the demands of GDPR, PCI DSS, PSD2 and other compliance frameworks, what they mean, and how they're different?

  9. #NextGenResearch: Are GRC Skills Being Demanded in Job Adverts?

    Is there more demand for governance, risk and compliance skills in job ads?

  10. #NextGenResearch: Is the Next Generation Ready to Deal With Malware?

    Would they be ready to deal with malware threats from the work they have done

  11. Assessing the Cost Structure of GDPR Compliance Strategies

    What factors affect the costs of compliance?

    1. Photo of Rehan Ijaz

      Rehan Ijaz

      Business Graduate and Entrepreneur

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