We Need to Define Career Pathways and How to Step Up Your Career

Demand by the hiring companies for computer science grows, we need better and defined cybersecurity career pathways. Think about the sector nowadays: computer science is part of our lives, from IoT to Cloud and healthcare.

Cybersecurity is becoming more specific with more defined career paths, and this is the right direction for the industry to take.

In cybersecurity, we have different sectors, from pen testing to protectors and for this reason, we need experts in every field, and we need better and defined cybersecurity career pathways. Why? Because you can't know everything, and you don't need to know everything because, between a general expert and a specialized expert, the hiring companies would prefer someone specialized.

Imagine this situation: there is a hiring companies that only does Android app development. They've developed their latest marvelous app to manage all your accounts in your life and they need an expert in cybersecurity to test their application. They have two options: one is a general expert, he knows everything but not in depth; the other doesn't know everything but is specialized in Android security. Who do you think the agency will choose?

Between a general expert and a specific expert, the second will always be chosen. The reason why is simple: a "specialist" can give them more value than anybody else. This is why the market demands more defined cybersecurity career pathways, to create more of these specific experts.

Think about this situation: if you are more specialized than the other experts in cybersecurity, you have an advantage. So you should not worry too much about learning everything: think about being better in one field.

You will be more competitive in the market offering more value than someone who is not specialized as you. Also, you can choose from the cybersecurity career pathways you like the most.

Why? Because you don't need to compete with all the cybersecurity experts. You are in a small group of people and in that situation, there is less competition.

Do you already have a job? This is the occasion to increase your value by getting more skills to increase your appeal to the market. Now, how can you become more specialized? Here are some solutions.

I never thought someone needs a piece of paper to be considered prepared, but they already define the new cybersecurity career pathways that are growing and that the industry needs.

For example, nowadays a dangerous risk is the healthcare and cybersecurity. A skilled hacker now has the power to kill somebody (for real). Why don't choose a certified course to specialize in this sector?

So, the first example: (ISC)² and CompTIA. They offer a lot of solutions like cloud security, healthcare security and so on. Go to take a look!

Another place to search is EdX. It's a platform that collects a lot of courses from the universities and institutions from all over the world like MIT and Microsoft.

Can't you find a good course for you? You can build your knowledge by yourself. Nowadays there are books about everything. You can search on Amazon, find the best books for you and build by yourself your professional specialized figure.

In conclusion, I want to say that we all need to think about cybersecurity no longer being a niche, but a sector that grows every day. The more it grows, the more the demand for specialists grow.

Those who are among the next generation are in the perfect position to choose what they want to do, they only need to take action.

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