Sye Loong Keoh

Sye-Loong Keoh is an Associate Professor in the School of Computing Science, University of Glasgow (UofG, Singapore campus) and the Director of Research Programmes in UofG Singapore. He holds a Ph.D. in computing science from Imperial College London. Prior to joining Glasgow, he was a Senior Scientist at Philips Research Eindhoven, The Netherlands. His areas of expertise include cyber security for Internet of Things (IoT), lightweight security systems for cyber-physical systems, and policy-based security management for pervasive and distributed systems.

He leads the cyber-security research activities in UofG Singapore where he has designed several lightweight authentication protocols and key management schemes for IoT, building management and industrial control systems. More recently, he is researching on new techniques for securing end-to-end communication and ensuring data provenance in IoT environment. While working at Philips Research, he was responsible for standardizing Marlin Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology for content protection, and lightweight security protocols for Philips’s IoT-based lighting systems.

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