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  1. Vietnam’s Rise in Cyberspace

    Vietnam has also slowly emerged as the newest Gladiator of cyberspace in the Asia-Pacific region.

    1. Photo of Abhilash Halappanavar

      Abhilash Halappanavar

      Electronics and communications engineer

  2. You’re Probably Missing These Pieces On Web Application Security

    We shouldn’t defocus on how to protect developed apps

    1. Photo of Rooney Reeves

      Rooney Reeves

      Business Development Executive at eTatvaSoft

  3. Learning Kali Linux in an Online Environment

    Offensive Security launches an online academy to learn Kali Linux

  4. Developing a Central Control Framework for Large Enterprises

    Implementing a central control framework is an effective way to reduce operational disruption

    1. Photo of AJ Yawn

      AJ Yawn

      Co-Founder and CEO at ByteChek

  5. When It Comes to Cybersecurity, the Small and Medium Business Community Needs to Do Better

    In the post-quarantine world, SMBs must embrace their importance and scale up their cybersecurity appropriately.

    1. Photo of Jennifer Keltz

      Jennifer Keltz

      Incoming Risk Analyst, Deloitte

  6. Do Privacy Rights Override #COVID19 Surveillance Measures?

    Concerns raised by the public in the use of technological solutions to combat COVID-19 demonstrates the extent of their awareness of the risk.

    1. Photo of Shinie Bentotahewa

      Shinie Bentotahewa

      Cyber Security Researcher, Cardiff Metropolitan University

    2. Photo of Chaminda Hewage

      Chaminda Hewage

      Associate Professor in Data Security at Cardiff Metropolitan University

    3. Photo of Dr Jason Williams

      Dr Jason Williams

      Dr Deputy Dean, Learning and Teaching School of Technologies, Cardiff Metropolitan University

  7. Securing Medical Technology in the Age of COVID-19

    Technology experts are feeling the pressure to develop new strategies to tackle healthcare challenges

    1. Photo of Sarah Katz

      Sarah Katz

      Senior Information Security Analyst at NASA Ames Research Center

  8. Interview: The Security Queens

    Talking to the Security Queens about their coming together, aims and intentions

  9. Changing Cybersecurity Behaviors in the Workplace: A Critique of the Evidence

    It is crucial that information security leadership colleagues understand how secure employee behavior is shaped and promoted

    1. Photo of Amy Ertan

      Amy Ertan

      PhD researcher at the Centre for Doctoral Training in Cyber Security at Royal Holloway

  10. Biases in Perceptions of Information Security Threats

    In order to maintain both personal and organizational security, individuals must perceive information security risks realistically.

    1. Photo of Georgia Crossland

      Georgia Crossland

      PhD researcher at the Centre for Doctoral Training in Cyber Security, Royal Holloway

  11. How Web Applications Can Support Overall Security

    Strategies to help organizations decrease the opportunity of running into undesirable web security issues.

    1. Photo of Rooney Reeves

      Rooney Reeves

      Business Development Executive at eTatvaSoft

  12. Optimizing IoT Security by Implementing Artificial Intelligence

    This is an opportunity for IoT developers, especially those who may have been working on software projects, to get involved in the evolution of AI.

    1. Photo of Liqaa Nawaf

      Liqaa Nawaf

      Senior Lecturer in Computing and Information Systems, Cardiff Metropolitan University

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