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  1. Self-Sovereign Identities to Protect Future Social Media Platforms from Hacking

    The failure to do so will make the users become jittery about their privacy in the hands of the social media platforms and lose their confidence in them.

    1. Photo of Shinie Bentotahewa

      Shinie Bentotahewa

      Cyber Security Researcher, Cardiff Metropolitan University

    2. Photo of Chaminda Hewage

      Chaminda Hewage

      Associate Professor in Data Security at Cardiff Metropolitan University

    3. Photo of Imtiaz Khan

      Imtiaz Khan

      Associate Professor in Data Science at Cardiff Metropolitan University

    4. Photo of Ali Shahaab

      Ali Shahaab

      Blockchain Researcher at Cardiff Metropolitan University

  2. Interview: Taharka Beamon, SOC Manager, Reed Exhibitions

    Infosecurity speaks to Taharka Beamon about the importance of keeping SOC staff happy and engaged in their jobs

  3. Keeping Your Crypto Wallet Safe

    A sure way to keep your crypto funds away from prying eyes and malevolent hands.

    1. Photo of Daniel Moyanda

      Daniel Moyanda

      Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, and Thought Leader

  4. In the Wake of SIGRed, is Good-Enough DDI Still Good Enough?

    The choice that large enterprises have make on whether to accept ‘good-enough’ DDI.

    1. Photo of Dana Iskoldski

      Dana Iskoldski

      Corporate Communications Manager for BlueCat

  5. Ransomware Adopts a Game-Changing Blackmail Model for Information Theft

    Looking at ransomware types, how they operate and utilize double blackmail schemes.

    1. Photo of Muhammad  Hamza Shahid

      Muhammad Hamza Shahid

      Security Advocate

  6. Data Protection in the Wake of Deepfakes

    Should deepfakes be classified as personal data?

    1. Photo of Chaminda Hewage

      Chaminda Hewage

      Associate Professor in Data Security at Cardiff Metropolitan University

  7. NCA and Immersive Labs Offer Summer Education Plan for Teens

    Teens offered training at Cyber4Summer

  8. Soft Skill Strategies for Handling Insider Threats Ethically

    Soft skills allow us to build trust among staff, something a mature culture of security awareness cannot operate without.

    1. Photo of Keavy Murphy

      Keavy Murphy

      Senior Director of Security, Starburst Data

  9. Brazilian General Data Protection Law – Overview and Implications

    Definitions, characteristics, and provisions of the Brazilian General Data Protection Law, and its implications for the privacy landscape in Brazil overall.

    1. Photo of Osama Tahir

      Osama Tahir

      Cybersecurity Analyst at VPNRanks

  10. The Rise of Cyber-Terrorism, and the Future of its Detection

    Could predictive and detection techniques be used for cyber-incidents?

    1. Photo of James Stevenson

      James Stevenson

      Software Engineer

  11. VPN Won’t Keep You Safe Without a Strong SIEM By Its Side

    Think VPN is keeping you safe while working from home? Think again

    1. Photo of Sivan Omer

      Sivan Omer

      Product Manager, empow

  12. Stop Criminalizing Research to Enable Development

    How focusing on how criminalization and lack of initiatives about risky/offending behavior impact cybersecurity negatively and limit the talent pool

    1. Yanna Papadodimitraki

      Researcher, University of Leeds

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