Cognitive Security: How Artificial Intelligence Is Your New Best Friend

For all that you hear about artificial intelligence and machine learning, how can it help you keep your networks safer and more secure? 

In this new era of computing, we will explore how artificial intelligence is being used to super charge human intelligence in threat detection, evidence gathering and remediation. 

In this webinar we will discuss how this new, cutting edge cognitive security is being utilized to:

  • Increase speed, accuracy, and data processing capabilities to unparalleled levels
  • Reduce false alarms
  • Provide sub-second malware detection
  • Retain knowledge in a self-learning environment
  • Provide signature free security and zero-day threat detection


Scott Lambert

VP of ActiveIntelligence, Alert Logic

    Keith Moore

    Senior Product Manager, Sparkcognition

    Garrett Schubert

    Incident Response and Threat Intelligence Manager

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