Security in an Agile Datacentre

After breaches, data loss, major bugs and now the GDPR hitting the headlines, senior board members are becoming more interested in cybersecurity and are beginning to make budget and resources available.

Unfortunately, the task of securing systems is made that much harder because the basics are not being implemented. Doors are being left open for attackers to take advantage of static and perimeter-centric security architecture to infiltrate the data centre as well as proliferate "laterally" to attack sensitive assets.

Blocking these attacks needs close co-operation between information security teams, IT, and data centre managers in order to build a more adaptive security architecture. Only by looking at all IT assets – including on the desktop, in the data centre and in the cloud – can organisations bolster their defences, and ensure that a flexible and cost effective IT deployment is also secure.

In this webinar we will look at:

  • The impact of security of a virtual desktop deployment
  • How to secure applications and data on virtualised servers, in hybrid environments and in the cloud
  • Best practices to ensure that everyone in IT balances effective security with the need for operational efficiency and reliability


Photo of Stephen Porter

Stephen Porter

Senior Manager Alliances & Cloud Partners, Trend Micro

Photo of Stephen Pritchard

Stephen Pritchard

Freelance Writer, Infosecurity Magazine

Photo of Konrads Smelkovs

Konrads Smelkovs

Manager, KPMG

Photo of Ghaleb Zekri

Ghaleb Zekri

NSX Senior Systems Engineer, EMEA, VMware

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