DDoS: Protection and Response Strategies

The number, size and complexity of Distributed Denial of Service (DDos) attacks is increasing rapidly and as a result, organizations are struggling to keep pace with the threat. DDoS attacks can have a devastating impact on an organization’s website and with a host of free tools available to criminals online, the risk is ever increasing with recent high-profile attacks include those against Spamhaus and Sony Playstation.

As cyber-criminals innovate and develop new techniques to tackle defensive methods, it has never been more important for information security professionals to have strong, proactive defense and remediation strategies in place. During this webinar, the speakers will share insight on how to address the risks and respond to attacks.

  • Hear about the evolution of and motivations behind DDoS attacks and the attack vectors exploited
  • Discover how to implement multi-layered DDoS defense
  • Identify best practice detection and classification techniques

Discover how to implement resilient DDoS incident response practices


Photo of Jag Baines

Jag Baines

Chief Technology Officer (CTO), DOSarrest

Photo of Cheryl  Martin

Cheryl Martin

Partner, IT Security and Cyber Risk practice, EY

Photo of Ryan Siu

Ryan Siu

Managing Consultant, IRM Plc

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