Securing the Internet of Unnecessary Things

At the beginning of January, the annual CES show demonstrated the internet-connected capabilities of devices as diverse as hairbrushes, beds and massage chairs. While it is fun to live in the space age, it remains the case that security and encryption capabilities are rarely considered during the development of such products.

In this webinar about IoT-connected devices, we will discuss the current state of connected device regulation and what sort of guidance is being issued to manufacturers, whether there needs to be more stringent controls on what data these devices collect and transmit, and what the average security department can do about this when the devices enter the work environment.

In this webinar you will:

  • Learn about guidance issued by DHS, NIST and others 
  • Understand what the options are to secure these devices
  • Know how to adapt your current security settings to accommodate these devices
  • Hear perspective on whether this is just a fad, and what the long term options are


Photo of Cesare  Garlati

Cesare Garlati

Chief Security Strategist, PRPL Foundation

Photo of Pilgrim Beart

Pilgrim Beart

CEO, DevicePilot

Photo of Joshua Corman

Joshua Corman

VP, Cyber Safety Strategy, Claroty; Co-Founder, I am The Cavalry

Photo of Andrew Tierney

Andrew Tierney

IoT Security Consultant, Pen Test Partners

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