Security Incidents are the New Normal - Common Gaps in Network Security Strategies

In a survey conducted by Forescout and Frost & Sullivan last October, the reality of how many “serious incidents” were faced by large enterprises is discussed. The results are shocking, in this webinar we will look at the results and dissect the findings to demonstrate how businesses are facing attacks and dealing with incidents.

We will look at the common entry points for attacks, blind spots in your defense, and what your businesses are putting most priority on protecting.

Key takeaways:

  • What are the common causes of major incidents, and how are businesses dealing with them?
  • What are the most typical entry points for an attacker, and exit points for your corporate data?
  • How can you ensure that you and your business do not suffer the same fate?

Visit ForeScout at Infosecurity Europe June 7-9, booth G20.


Photo of Frank Dickson

Frank Dickson

Research Director, Frost & Sullivan North America Scottsdale, AZ

Photo of Jan Hof

Jan Hof

International Marketing Director, Forescout

Photo of Pantazis Kourtis

Pantazis Kourtis

CISO and Member of the Board of Directors, ISACA

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