Modernizing your Application Security Program

Businesses are pushing developers to modernize applications in order to keep up with the fast-moving world of e-commerce and digital services. Is your security program keeping up? Or is security bolted on as an after-thought, with usability and features being pushed out without a thought for how users’ information could be compromised?

Today’s world of mobile, cloud and rich internet applications has created new challenges for how security teams find and facilitate the remediation of vulnerabilities in applications and APIs. It’s important that security teams stay ahead of the curve on this topic, or the business could be faced with some tough questions when a vulnerability is exploited.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss:

  • How new technologies like AJAX, micro-services, web services and RESTful APIs are challenging security teams 
  • Identifying weaknesses in the development process
  • The kind of strategies teams should be using to keep pace


Photo of Justin  Clarke

Justin Clarke

Chair, London Chapter of OWASP & Head of Research, Gotham Digital Science

Photo of Dan Cornell

Dan Cornell

CTO and Principal, Denim Group

Photo of Dan Kuykendall

Dan Kuykendall

Senior Director, Applications Security Products, Rapid 7

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