Break Out Of the Security Silo with Adaptive Platforms

The latest targeted attacks are driving a shake-up in security architectures. Today’s targeted attacker is adaptive, persistent and can easily bypasses controls that exist in traditional silos.

What this means is that disconnected security controls now have to be integrated and that you may well have to consider deploying adaptive security platforms.

Join this webinar to find out what such attacks could do to your business and how robust threat intelligence can give you an adaptive security platform to combat them.

We’ll cover:

  • The security and business challenges in today’s threat landscape
  • How adaptive security platforms are delivering security effectiveness and operational efficiency improvements
  • How to improve security effectiveness and reduce dwell time that can allow attackers access to, and remain in, your environment
  • How to reduce time of compromise to discovery and discovery to containment
  • The way to implement balanced security capability across protect, detect and correct
  • Improving ease of operational management and automation


Photo of Robert Dumigan

Robert Dumigan

Director, EMEA Pre-Sales, Intel Security

Photo of David Fearne

David Fearne

Technical Director, Arrow ECS

Photo of Joe O'Halloran

Joe O'Halloran

Editor In Chief, Rapid TV News

Photo of Bob Tarzey

Bob Tarzey

Analyst and Director, Quocirca

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