Unleashing the Full Value of a Secure Software-Defined Data Center

Moving a software-defined data center (SDDCS) with virtualized resources my well be a case of when rather than if. In fact it’s highly likely that this move has already happened:  leading enterprises are already achieving unprecedented value from such set ups.

But just how secure are they? Will this way of working open up vulnerabilities that stop your firm from making the gains in flexibility and agility that they potentially offer? 
Join us for this webinar, where a panel of experts will explore just how to unleash securely, the full value of the SDDC. The panel will discuss:

  • Effective security controls inside the data center that support business activity
  • How to accelerate IT service delivery and time-to-market
  • Reducing the risk and impact of unplanned outages
  • Real-life use cases as to how such gains can be achieved


Photo of Graham Brown

Graham Brown

Managing Director, Gyrocom

Photo of Peter Bury

Peter Bury

Security and Compliance Specialist, VMware

Photo of Joe O'Halloran

Joe O'Halloran

Editor In Chief, Rapid TV News

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