Preparing for the Threat of Data-Stealing Attacks

Organizations are increasingly finding themselves the target of cyber-attack, with each breach of network infrastructure increasing the likelihood that vital corporate data could be stolen. Developing a stance of readiness against attacks that seek to steal information is therefore essential.

The range of security technologies available all claim to offer a solution to different problems – but which do you need to prioritize in order to give you a solid security foundation? How does the move the cloud affect companies’ data-loss prevention planning.

Ensuring that cybersecurity is high up the company agenda is also crucial – as is a managed approach to patching and vulnerability scanning.

Security is always a balancing act – requiring that you make the right decisions from the range of options available to you to suit your organization’s needs. To discuss how companies can achieve this, a panel of experts on this webinar will discuss:

  • Research-based intelligence that sets out the state of the problem
  • The tools, technologies and practices that contribute to a solid security program
  • Security’s status within an organization’s hierarchy


Photo of Paul Gribbon

Paul Gribbon

Senior Manager, PwC Cybersecurity

Photo of Mark  Skilton

Mark Skilton

Digital Expert and Professor, Warwick Business School & PA Consulting

Photo of Colin West

Colin West

Sales Engineering Director, EMEA, Tenable

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