How Outsiders Become Insiders: Understanding and Combating Today's Threats

Today's attackers employ a variety of deception tactics allowing them to impersonate legitimate users and bypass existing IT security defences.

Web applications are often compromised in order to host malware or be turned into a phishing site. Users who visit these sites then become infected or have their credentials stolen, giving attackers access to your network. Once inside, attackers become insiders. They use stealthy techniques to move around the network, looking for targets, while remaining undetected for months.

In this webinar we will examine:

  • Common tactics used by today’s attackers to target users and web assets
  • How attackers impersonate legitimate users to become “insiders”
  • Best practices for preventing, detecting and containing these threats


Tas Giakouminakis

Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer, Rapid 7

    Andrew Kellett

    Andrew Kellett Senior Analyst, Ovum

      Edward Parsons

      Senior Manager, Cyber Security KPMG

        Stephen Pritchard

        Moderator, Infosecurity Magazine

          Kai Roer

          Founder and CEO of CLTRe

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