The Kick Inside – Dealing with Threats from Within Your Firm

Major incidents are happening almost every day and as a result companies are scrambling to protect and lock down their systems from outside intruders. But perhaps in the rush one detail is being overlooked: insider threats. And even if most companies are aware of this attack vector it would seem they are ill prepared to deal with it.

This webinar will tell you just how real this threat is and how best to protect your company from the enemy within. 

We’ll examine: 

  • What exactly an insider threat is?
  • Who is an insider threat?
  • What does it take to build a customizable insider threat program? 
  • How do you develop and implement best policies, practices & training into your organization?


David Calder

Security Practice Director, IT consultancy ECS

    Keith Lowry

    Senior Vice President, Business Threat Intelligence and Analysis, Nuix

      Stephen Pritchard

      Freelance Writer, Infosecurity Magazine

        Bill Windle

        Consulting lead for Insider Risk, Deloitte UK

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