The Enemy Within: Overcoming a Company’s Greatest Security Vulnerability – Its People

If analysts have predicted correctly, the global cybersecurity market will soar to $101bn by 2018 and $170bn by 2020. This growth should come as little surprise to anyone in the industry: as the more data is stored and sent digitally, a breach becomes more likely.

Yet despite clearer rules around data protection and more money being spent on preventing a breach, it would be reasonable to expect the number of reported incidents to plateau or, preferably, decline. Yet overall this isn’t what we’re seeing as human error remains a considerable risk to most organizations.

Approximately a quarter of breaches are caused by human error or employee negligence and given that the associated costs continue to rise, logic dictates that a large proportion of corporate spend would be allocated to solutions designed to prevent this problem.

In this webinar, we will question whether a new approach to data security needs to be applied: one that recognizes data security can’t be tackled in silo and instead a holistic more strategic approach must be taken to protect and secure data throughout its lifecycle.

In this webinar we will discuss:

  • Is a new approach to data security, considering the human element, needed and realistic?
  • Are humans considered at the point of design of security tools?
  • What can organizations do to protect their corporate data, their business reputation and reduce associated fines? 


Photo of Martin Fisher

Martin Fisher

Manager, IT Security, Northside Hospital

Photo of Joe Lubelczyk

Joe Lubelczyk

Data Security Specialist, Egress

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