Discover Hidden Threats with User Behaviour Analytics (UBA)

As a cybersecurity professional, you already know that users are both an organisation’s greatest asset and its greatest vulnerability. Users can do great damage - and they’re notoriously difficult to catch. Many companies are confronting this challenge with User Behaviour Analytics (UBA), which can help you detect and respond to user threats, such as when:

• An insider turns against your organisation
• A cyber-attacker steals a user’s credentials
• An administrator abuses account privileges

If you’re focused on addressing user threats, UBA can be a powerful tool in your kit. Join us as we discuss the elements of an effective user threat detection program. You’ll learn:

• Why detecting user threats is so important—and so difficult
• Different approaches to UBA
• The value of data from across your business
• How to maximise the efficiency of your security analysts

Attend this webinar to learn how UBA can help you discover hidden user threats, reduce false-positives and prioritise the most concerning threats.


Tom Salmon

Enterprise Sales Engineer, LogRhythm

    Amar Singh

    CISO and Founder Cyber Management Alliance and Give01Day, Cyber Management Alliance

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