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  • The Samsung Galaxy S5 has been on the market for only a matter of days, with its highly anticipated fingerprint scanner that will work with PayPal for mobile purchases. But there’s just one problem: German researchers have managed to fool the scanner with a latex fingerprint spoof.
  • The FBI is planning a new way to track and uncover potential threats – a massive facial recognition database. According to documents obtained by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Bureau's database will contain about 52 million biometric records by the end of the year, with plans to hold records on as many as 100 million people, or, roughly one-third of the country’s population. And that, of course, raises privacy concerns.
  • Passwords do not keep our personal data safe. That much is empirically clear – the sheer volume of passwords that are stolen and the ease with which they are cracked demonstrates this on a weekly basis. But it is not the theory of passwords that fails, it is the human inability to use them wisely that is the weakness.
  • Will 2014 see a big uptick in the use of biometric technologies, strong encryption, a rash of new key technologies and more? Some say that the era of having unencrypted data traffic flowing freely inside enterprises will likely soon come to a crashing halt, helped along by the US government, the Apple iPhone and other drivers.
  • Our final summary of industry predictions for 2014 focuses on the mobile arena. 'May you live in interesting times' is a common curse thought to originate in ancient China. 2014 is likely to be an interesting time for mobile users – with or without any involvement from modern China.
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  • Posted by Ernst & Young LLP • 16 April 2014
    By Mark Brown Much has been made of Microsoft’s decision to stop security support for Windows XP over the last few weeks. Some commentators have likened it to something of a Y2K-esque tech apo...
  • Posted by IRM Plc • 14 April 2014
    By Punam Tiwari On my return home from my Cheltenham Head Office one evening, I happened upon an opinon article quite randomly lying around in the train by David Aaronovitch of The Times, titled...
  • Posted by Bob Tarzey • 21 March 2014
    It will not be news to anyone who has written code that the time to kill software bugs is early on in the application development lifecycle, before they can have a major impact. This is important for ...
  • Posted by Drew Amorosi • 17 March 2014
    Nine months and counting – nine months since Edward Snowden first told the world that the US government logged the metadata of all telephone traffic. Shortly after came PRISM, involvement by the...
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