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  1. 68% of Companies are More Vulnerable to DDoS Than They Think

    Companies are more exposed to DDoS attack than they think they are. Sixty-eight percent of the protection faults uncovered by Red Button simulation tests were either severe or critical

    1. Photo of Israel Solomon

      Israel Solomon

      Director Customer Security Services, Red Button

  2. Preparing for AR’s Influence on Cybersecurity

    Javvad Malik warns AR technologies could become funnels for live cyber-attacks

    1. Photo of Javvad Malik

      Javvad Malik

      Security Awareness Advocate, KnowBe4

  3. How to Protect Your Information and Identity Against Today’s Data Breaches

    In the wake of continued large-scale data breaches affecting major organizations, the need for robust data protection measures is paramount for all

  4. How to Truncate Exchange Logs without Backup

    Understand the process to truncate Exchange Server transaction logs without taking a backup

    1. Photo of Bharat  Bhushan

      Bharat Bhushan

      Technical Marketer, Stellar Data Recovery

  5. NIS2 Requires Major Changes in EU SaaS Cybersecurity

    Citing the importance that network and information systems play in everyday life, as well as the increase in cyber incidents that threaten that lifestyle, NIS2 positions itself as being essential to the proper functioning of the market

    1. Photo of Hananel Livneh

      Hananel Livneh

      Head of Product Marketing, Adaptive Shield

  6. Adapting Military Solutions to the Corporate Battlefield

    Delve into the shift of adapting military cyber strategies to the corporate battlefield

    1. Photo of Audra Simons

      Audra Simons

      Senior Director of Global Products, Everfox

  7. Endpoint Remains the Frontline Against Ransomware

    To execute a defense-first endpoint security strategy effectively, businesses need to stick to three core principles

    1. Photo of Stuart  Borgman

      Stuart Borgman

      VP Sales Engineering, Sophos

  8. Are Military Cyber Defenses the Next Step for Regulated Industries?

    Tim Freestone says the combination of military-grade technologies with regulated industries is as a compelling avenue for fortifying digital defenses

    1. Photo of Tim Freestone

      Tim Freestone

      Director of Sales Engineering, Everfox

  9. The Growing Threat of Application-Layer DDoS Attacks

    Protection vendors have made great progress in the past year but this has forced hackers to scale up their attack methods

    1. Photo of Ziv Gadot

      Ziv Gadot

      CEO, Red Button

  10. How Security Leaders Can Break Down Barriers to Enable Digital Trust: Part 2

    ISACA's Pam Nigro and Rob Clyde discuss the importance of breaking down silos, leadership and incident response in driving digital trust

    1. Photo of Robert Clyde

      Robert Clyde

      Past ISACA Board Chair, Crypto Quantique Board Chair and Cybral Board Director

    2. Photo of Pam Nigro

      Pam Nigro

      ISACA Board Director and Vice President of Security and Security Officer, Medicision

  11. Emerging Threats: Preparing for the Cybersecurity Challenges of 2024

    This article discusses emerging cybersecurity threats in 2024, including credential stuffing, ransomware attacks, insider threats, and the impact of AI

    1. Photo of Joel Burleson-Davis

      Joel Burleson-Davis

      SVP Worldwide Engineering, Cyber, Imprivata

  12. Understanding Risks on the SaaS Attack Surface

    With SaaS app owners mostly sitting outside of IT, the SaaS attack surface is an open target for cybercriminals

    1. Photo of Hananel Livneh

      Hananel Livneh

      Head of Product Marketing, Adaptive Shield

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