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  1. Amid a New Middle East Conflict, it’s Time to Reassess Supply Chain Risk

    Jason Steer explains how organizations can be more forensic in their analysis of supplier operations

    1. Photo of Jason Steer

      Jason Steer

      CISO, Recorded Future

  2. How Sophisticated Social Engineering Attacks Are Targeting IT Service Desks

    To defend against social engineering threats, a multi-layered verification approach is crucial, using methods like biometrics and mobile verification

    1. Photo of Marcus  White

      Marcus White

      Cybersecurity Specialist, Specops Software – An Outpost24 Company

  3. Enhancing Data Privacy and Security Through Improved Visibility

    To meet privacy regulations and ensure data security, gaining deep visibility into data's lifecycle and movement is essential

    1. Photo of Ron Arden

      Ron Arden

      Executive Vice President, CTO and COO, Fasoo

  4. Ransomware Never Sleeps - But It Strikes Whilst You Do

    Sophos' Active Adversary Report found that ransomware actors look to catch businesses off guard when they strike at night or outside of business hours

    1. Photo of Hywel Morgan

      Hywel Morgan

      Senior SE Manager EMEA North, Sophos

  5. Getty Images: Sharing Creative Content Globally, With Help from Chrome Browser Cloud Management

    By standardizing on Chrome browser, Getty reduced the overhead associated with managing multiple browsers across disparate platforms

  6. How to Export Exchange Mailboxes to PST

    In this article, we will be going through different methods with stepwise process to export mailboxes from the Exchange Server database to the PST file format

    1. Photo of Bharat  Bhushan

      Bharat Bhushan

      Technical Marketer, Stellar Data Recovery

  7. How to Make Chrome Better for your Enterprise Users with Chrome Browser Cloud Management

    How do you keep your workforce productive while keeping your corporate data secure? The browser is a key piece of the puzzle, and the management of that browser is imperative

    1. Philippe Rivard

      Group Product Manager, Chrome Enterprise

  8. Mastering Page-Level Corruption Repair in SQL Server

    This article delves into the intricacies of page-level corruption in SQL Server

    1. Photo of Bharat  Bhushan

      Bharat Bhushan

      Technical Marketer, Stellar Data Recovery

  9. What IT Professionals Need to Know about SSL Certificates for Websites

    IT professionals are increasingly responsible for website security, which includes managing SSL certificates

    1. Photo of Phil Lodico

      Phil Lodico

      Head, GoDaddy Corporate Domains

    2. Photo of Katie Ruhe

      Katie Ruhe

      Account Executive, GoDaddy Corporate Domains

  10. Preventing Ransomware and Malware Starts with Good Cyber Hygiene

    It is imperative to take proactive measures to prevent ransomware attacks. Keep systems up to date, regularly scan for malware, and back up data

    1. Photo of Dr. Michael Ham

      Dr. Michael Ham

      Associate Professor in The Beacom College of Computer & Cyber Sciences, Dakota State University

    2. Photo of Andrew  Kramer

      Andrew Kramer

      Assistant Professor in The Beacom College of Computer & Cyber Sciences, Dakota State University

  11. Forrester Study Finds That Managing Chrome Brings Enterprises Cost Savings And Major Productivity Gains

    In today’s macro-economic climate, organizations are often in a balancing act between adding valuable new technology that will help their company, while still making smart business decisions and prioritizing where to best spend their budgets and resources. Investing in areas like the web browser can present a win-win for the business and IT teams and the business users they support

    1. Noriko Bouffard

      Global Lead, Chrome Browser Customer Engineering, Chrome Enterprise

  12. How to Prevent Risky Cybersecurity Behaviors Creeping into Your Organization

    Javvad Malik highlights a new technological approach to building a strong security culture

    1. Photo of Javvad Malik

      Javvad Malik

      Security Awareness Advocate, KnowBe4

  13. Cyber-Criminals Only Have to Be Right Once? Not Quite

    Adenike Cosgrove says we can turn the tables on cyber-criminals and force them to be right time and again

    1. Photo of Adenike Cosgrove

      Adenike Cosgrove

      Cybersecurity Strategist at Proofpoint, Proofpoint

  14. With Phishing Getting Harder to Spot, How Can Users Stay Protected?

    Learn about five phishing techniques attackers are using to work around defenses and trick users

    1. Photo of Patrick  Schläpfer

      Patrick Schläpfer

      Malware Analyst, HP Wolf Security threat research team

  15. How to Restore Exchange Database

    Explore the reasons for Exchange database corruption and how to overcome them

    1. Photo of Bharat  Bhushan

      Bharat Bhushan

      Technical Marketer, Stellar Data Recovery

  16. Cyber Vendors or Cyber-Criminals: Who’s Winning the Race for the Browser?

    Brett Raybould says stagnant security strategies are falling further and further behind modern threats

    1. Photo of Brett Raybould

      Brett Raybould

      EMEA SE Manager, Menlo Security

  17. The Risk of Accidental Data Exposure by Generative AI is Growing

    Paolo Passeri discusses how organizations can enable employees to experiment with generative AI apps securely

    1. Photo of Paolo Passeri

      Paolo Passeri

      Cyber Intelligence Principal, Netskope

  18. Why we Need to Manage the Risk of AI Browser Extensions

    Security professionals must consider the risks faced from aggressive AI tools, including browser extension risk, says Jason Steer

    1. Photo of Jason Steer

      Jason Steer

      CISO, Recorded Future

  19. How Universities Can Help Support the National Cybersecurity Strategy

    Through public transparency and public-private partnerships, these institutions can prepare both the current workforce and the next generation of cybersecurity professionals while simultaneously developing technology and products that support the National Cybersecurity Strategy.

    1. Photo of Dr Pat  Engebretson

      Dr Pat Engebretson

      Beacom Liaison for Rising II Initiatives and Program Coordinator for the Ph.D. in Cyber Operations, Dakota State University

    2. Photo of Dr Ashley  Podhradsky

      Dr Ashley Podhradsky

      VP for Research & Development, Dakota State University

  20. How to Manage Cyber Risk: An Expert Q&A

    Three security experts offer best practice advice on managing cyber risk in the modern threat landscape

    1. Photo of Steven Furnell

      Steven Furnell

      Professor of Cyber Security, University of Nottingham

    2. Photo of Ian Hill

      Ian Hill

      Director of Information and Cyber Security, UPP

    3. Photo of Laure  Lydon

      Laure Lydon

      Senior Director, Security Governance & Assurance - Babylon

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