Getty Images: Sharing Creative Content Globally, With Help from Chrome Browser Cloud Management

Getty Images offers the most exclusive and unique creative and editorial visual content globally, with over 425 million assets including award-winning imagery, video, music, multimedia and premium digital content. Speed and online agility are key to running the business, so it’s important that Getty Images has a browser its global workforce can trust to deliver the web-based applications they rely upon.

By standardizing on Chrome browser, the company reduced the overhead associated with managing multiple browsers across disparate platforms. Getty Images also gained the ability to quickly deploy updates and useful extensions to employees across the globe. This not only helped to ensure its users were productive, but also more secure.

About Getty Images

Getty Images works with over 350,000 contributors and hundreds of image partners to provide comprehensive coverage of more than 160,000 news, sport and entertainment events each year, impactful creative imagery to communicate any commercial concept and the world’s deepest digital archive of historic photography.

Industries: Media
Region: Global

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Reduced time to resolve web app issues from ~45 minutes to 5 minutes

  • Reduces technology management overhead by offering a single solution to manage all platforms
  • Increases productivity and security by making it faster and easier to push out updates and extension
  • Improves security by blocking unwanted/risky extensions
  • Enhances visibility into browser versions and extensions in use across the company

Saving Time While Improving Security     

With Chrome Browser Cloud Management, Getty Images can easily manage extensions—including rapidly removing extensions deemed unsafe. The Getty Images security team appreciates the capability to block extensions in the Google Admin console and easily determine how widely installed an extension is.

In addition, the Getty Images Technology team consolidated the process of managing updates and policy changes to Chrome Browser. This not only saved time, but also enabled users to work securely from anywhere, without a requirement to connect to the company network via VPN for management.

The ability to quickly roll out changes using Chrome Browser Cloud Management is a win for us. If a change has an unintended effect, it’s very easy to roll it back.” John Bryntze, Principal Engineer, Getty Images

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