Editor's perspective: Infosecurity Europe Joins Forces with Infosecurity Magazine

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I hope that by now you have heard the good news? (If not, please click here to read the press release)...
With immediate effect, Infosecurity Magazine (with its website and online programmes) has merged with the Infosecurity Europe show, owned by Reed Exhibitions. The press release has gone out, the announcement has been made through our various social networking portals, and now I can tell you all about it…
So, what does this mean for our readers? To be honest, not a lot. Drew and I will continue to lead the same editorial team with the same strategy and objective: to keep our readers informed on all the latest news and movements in the information security industry, both in the UK and US. We will continue to be dedicated to the strategy and technique of information security, delivering critical business and technical information for IT security managers. If that last bit sounded like a strapline, it’s because it is! But I can’t find any better way of saying the same thing myself.
Our editorial independence will be fiercely maintained. We will continue to report as we always have done – without bias or commercial incentive.
Of course, we hope that this new relationship will open some new, exciting doors for us. We’d like to optimize the service we offer our readers, enable you to access the online news and magazine in the way that you want, as regularly as you want, and we have some new ideas about ways in which we can keep you completely immersed in must-know industry knowledge.

What does this mean for our advertisers? Well, this is where the greatest impact of the relationship will be felt. In the press release, we refer to the new combined Infosecurity relationship as a one-stop-shop for the industry and advertisers, and I think this completely hits the nail on the head. With our collective market knowledge, databases, editorial and lead generating models, we truly can offer our advertisers unique and superior marketing opportunities. (For more information on promotional and lead generation opportunities at Infosecurity Magazine and Website, please contact: Rachel Di Santo, rachel.disanto@husonmedia.com, +44 (0) 1932 564999. Or for more information on promotional and lead generation opportunities at Infosecurity Europe, please contact: Malcolm Wells, malcolm.wells@reedexpo.co.uk, +44 (0) 20 8910 7718).
When it comes to retaining independence, it works both ways. The Infosecurity Europe show will continue to operate in the same successful way it always has. You won’t find show content or information on the Infosecurity Magazine website, it will be exclusively available on the show website.
I’m tempted to say that it is ‘business as usual’ going forward, but I think we can do better than that. I think I prefer the term ‘business as usual, with benefits’.

Reed Exhibitions and Reed Elsevier (Infosecurity’s previous publisher) are sister companies, and the magazine and show have worked closely together in the past. It’s the most natural thing in the world to bring these two offerings together and present, as one of our bloggers put it, a “singularly authoritative source of information for the industry”. Yes, I like the sound of that too...

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