RCDevs is an award-winning Software company providing security solutions designed for modern enterprise technologies and suited for SMEs to large corporations. RCDevs’ solutions are high-quality, cost-effective and trusted by thousands of companies in all businesses, including fortune 100 companies. Choosing RCDevs Two-Factor Authentication Server helps to optimize your IT investments in a very efficient and easy-to-implement way!

Our products enhance your existing systems and applications with flexible strong authentication, fine-grained access control management, single-sign-on and secure transactions. Our unique platform integrates seamlessly into your IT infrastructure and enables your centrally-managed security control center.

Our main project: OpenOTP™ stands for a very powerful Multi-Factor authentication solution providing secure and reliable authentication of remote users to online services, Cloud, VPNs, Citrix, RDP, SSH, Intranet and much more. OpenOTP has been quickly adopted by the security market because of its flexibility, unlimited features and simplicity.

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