Tala Security

Tala secures websites and web applications against advanced client-side attacks like Magecart. Tala profiles website behaviors and scripts in real time with an AI-driven analytics engine. This provides comprehensive insight to enable the automation of dynamic application and adjustments to native, standards-based web security policies. Leveraging CSP, SRI, HSTS and other evolving web security standards allows Tala's solution to block all forms of client-side website attacks. This innovative combination of capability ensures attacks are prevented in real-time, website performance is preserved and the need for costly and continuous administration or incident response is minimized. helps websites and web apps enable a complete secure web experience for users. Tala protects enterprise websites from a wide range of client-side attacks including XSS, cryptojacking, clickjacking, ad injection and others - whether the users are using PC or mobile devices. Tala Security's completely agent-less solution leverages new and powerful web standards such as Content Security Policy (CSP). The solution is fully automated and is compatible with all web technologies - meaning that any website in the world can deploy Tala to protect all of their end users against the full breadth of client-side website attacks, in a matter of minutes. Tala is led by industry veterans and successful entrepreneurs. We are backed by an impressive collection of well known tech investors, angels, former executives at Symantec and by the National Science Foundation (NSF).

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