Editorial: New Beginnings (Q3 2022 Issue)

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Ironically, change is the one constant of life on Earth. This is demonstrated clearly in nature, where species must continuously adapt to an evolving environment to survive.

Change is a concept that is particularly pertinent to cybersecurity, where technological innovation and evolving cyber-attack techniques mean industry professionals constantly need to adapt their practices. The most obvious and significant change impacting this sector has been the shift to hybrid working following the COVID-19 pandemic, which has substantially expanded the cyber threat landscape for organizations by enabling cyber-criminals to target a vast number of networks and devices. While industry professionals have responded admirably to this challenge, there is much more the sector needs to do to keep up with rising threats, most crucially in closing the cyber skills gap.

It is also a result of change that I find myself with the great honor of guest editing this issue of the Infosecurity print magazine. As many of our audience will be aware, my former editorial colleagues Eleanor Dallaway and Benjamin David have recently moved on to new challenges, and we thank them for their huge contributions to the publication. Eleanor, who worked at Infosecurity Magazine for 15 and half years, played a critical role in growing the publication to the respected status it enjoys today. Therefore, her departure represents a seismic event for all of us working in the magazine and, of course, our wider audience.

But, as they say, the show must go on – quite simply, this is a change we must adapt to and move forward from. Indeed, as is often the case, change provides opportunities. From a personal point of view, the new circumstances have given me the chance to take on the mantle of editor for this current edition, deciding upon the topics and commissioning and organizing the content. I’ve also been delighted to have still been able to pen a few pieces myself, something I love to do.

This has been a fantastic experience, helping hone my skills as I move into the deputy editor position at Infosecurity Magazine. I am delighted by the end result in the form of Q3 2022 of the print magazine, which is mainly thanks to the fantastic writers who have contributed to the issue. This includes our outgoing deputy editor Benjamin’s article discussing an exciting development in quantum-secure technology, Danny Bradbury’s examination of the DoJ’s recent announcement that it will no longer prosecute “good faith” hackers, Kate O’Flaherty’s analysis of cyber threats facing live aircraft, and so much more.

I would also like to thank the plethora of industry experts who, as always, have provided crucial insights that enabled us to publish such a wide variety of content. This includes our prestigious interviewees, representing leading women in cybersecurity, and a thought-provoking debate on whether organizations should adapt their cybersecurity posture following the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

At the time of writing, I am about to be joined by two new colleagues in the editorial team, something I must admit I am very much looking forward to following a challenging month or so at Infosecurity HQ. We will be back to a team of three, with a new editor, Beth Maundrill, who will bring fresh ideas in tow, promising exciting times ahead. I am confident we will be able to build upon the excellent foundations that have been set and continue to provide the content and insights that help you, our audience, in your roles in the industry. You will no doubt be seeing and hearing plenty from us as a team in the coming months, both via website content and in-person during industry events.

Change is something we all have to deal with on a regular basis, both in our professional and personal lives. It is a testament to the resilience and strength of human beings that we can keep adapting to our new environments and circumstances and thrive. It is something I see all the time while covering the information security industry and speaking to those working at the heart of this critical sector. It is also a trait that the world needs right now amid several tumultuous events.

The author Roy T. Bennett once wrote: “It’s only after you’ve stepped outside your comfort zone that you begin to change, grow, and transform.” This is an attitude I hope and expect myself and the rest of the Infosecurity team to embrace as we move forward with a new-look line-up. Thankfully, we have the most solid of foundations to build upon, most importantly of which is our brilliant and engaged audience.

I can’t wait to be part of Infosecurity Magazine’s new beginnings and continue covering this fascinating and ever-changing sector.

I hope you enjoy this issue!

James Coker 

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