3rd Annual CyberSecurity International Symposium

The 3rd Annual CyberSecurity International Symposium, November 4-5, 2019 in Chicago is a focused educational Forum in which to network with leading cybersecurity professionals, innovators, enterprise CIOs and regulators who are on the front lines of securing critical business and infrastructure networks. The Symposium will examine the latest technologies for enhancing cybersecurity and reducing risk, as well as best practices and key lessons learned to date in the ever-evolving challenge to ensure end-to-end security for organizations of all varieties.

Key industry experts from Microsoft, IBM, Secure Ideas, Offensive Security, Morphisec, Blend, LogicGate, LastLine, Verodin, EC-Council, Saudi Aramco and others will be discussing topics such as:

  • Destructive Malware: Lessons from the Trenches
  • Application Vulnerabilities and How They Weaken our Organizations
  • Asymmetric Cyberwarfare: You're Under Attack and Don't Know It
  • Creating a Culture of Risk Throughout Your Organization
  • A Bottom Up Approach To Access Management
  • Extracting the Attacker: Getting the Bad Guys Off Your SaaS
  • The Battle to Defend  the Most Treasured Assets in the World
  • New Models to Protect Critical Infrastructure from the Cybersecurity Perfect Storm
  • Pre-Conference Workshop on Mobile Security and Ethical Hacking
  • And more

Who Should Attend?

  • Commercial and industrial enterprise IT executives and security compliance managers
  • Regulatory and policy professionals
  • Chief Information Officers, Chief Strategy Officers, and other senior executives overseeing cyber and physical security
  • Communications and network operations professionals
  • Physical infrastructure and systems security managers
  • Planners responsible for compliance and government
  • Analytics and data management professionals
  • Data center managers
  • Critical infrastructure security managers
  • Research and academic professionals
  • Finance and VC representatives

Special offer:  Enter INFOSEC when registering for 20% off the $195 entry fee for cyber security professionals at commercial & industrial end user companies, government agencies, academic / non-profit organizations. 

Register at:  http://www.cybersecurity-symposium.com/register.htm

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