ENITSE Enterprise IT Security Conference & Exhibition

ENITSE Enterprise IT Security Conference &Exhibition
Date: May 17-18, 2016 
Location: Istanbul - Turkey

ENITSE Enterprise IT Security Conference & Exhibition is a conference focusing on IT security solutions developed for large institutions in the private sector. ENITSE Conference serves a perfect platform to introduce and demonstrate solutions including platform, system, hardware, software, consultancy, training and service. IT Security, Network Security, Big Data Security, Mobile Security, Cloud Security, IT Risk Management, Application Security, Identity and Access Management, Web Security, End User Security and Database Security are key topics of the conference. 

ENITSE is one of the most important events in EMEA in its category. ENITSE Conference presents a perfect platform at where speakers share their experience, knowledge, visions and future forecasts with the visitors. The conference speeches will be either in Turkish or English and simultaneously will be translated to Turkish or English. At the conference exhibition area, there will be exhibiting spaces of the sponsor companies.  ENITSE Conference is an unmissable event. 

For more information about ENITSE Conference, please visit event website www.enitse.com or contact info@enitse.com.  

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