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Immersive, Interactive Learning Offers Deeper Understanding & Improved Security Outcomes

Professional development opportunities are too valuable to waste. Your day-to-day responsibilities, time and budget for ongoing learning are limited, so you need to plan wisely and maximize the outcomes you get from these career growth occasions.

One way to maximize effectiveness is to choose immersive and interactive learning situations, in addition to traditional training. People gather knowledge differently, but most everyone benefits from a mix of teaching styles that stimulate cognitive activity and result in better retention and use of the knowledge gained.

With that in mind, Infosecurity and ISACA developed specialized learning events that will take place as part of the Infosecurity ISACA North America Expo and Conference 2019.

Geek Street: Enjoy Interactive Presentations

Infosecurity debuted this unique attraction at its 2018 European conference. Due to its overwhelming popularity with attendees, it is no surprise that Geek Street will be coming to the North American conference in 2019.

Situated in the middle of the Expo floor, this interactive presentation stage offers an immersive zone where information security practitioners will share their expertise in a series of in-depth, independent and technical research sessions. Presentations are designed to enable attendees to delve into the latest security research into exploits, vulnerabilities and threats.

But this is no traditional lecture environment. Presenters place the emphasis on fun and engagement, bringing the audience into the discussions and takeaways. And with your attendance, you can earn CPEs while playing an active role in growing your professional knowledge. 

When attending the Infosecurity ISACA North America Expo and Conference 2019, be sure take a walk down Geek Street, where you can meet the threats there, instead of in your neighborhood.

Pre- and Post-Conference Workshops: Take Learning to the Next Level

Infosecurity and ISACA try to pack as much learning as possible into the regular conference agenda. We want to maximize your professional development experience. But in certain situations, you may want to stop and spend time getting a comprehensive understanding of a particular topic. Pre- and post-conference workshops offer those opportunities in an immersive hands-on environment.

The lineups for these add-on learning sessions have just been announced:

  • Accelerated CSX Cybersecurity Practitioner Certification Workshop -- The newly revamped CSX® Cybersecurity Practitioner Certification streamlines and expedites the certification process, and your current industry certifications—including CISA, CISM, CRISC, CGEIT, and others—count toward qualification requirements. Complement your current credentials, demonstrate current cybersecurity knowledge and skills (and/or ability to work with cybersecurity business partners), and earn CPE credits. This workshop provides participants with a one-stop certification experience where they can train, test, and certify all in a two-day workshop.
  • The Truth About AI, Machine Learning and Cybersecurity Revisited -- This two-day workshop takes a technical deep dive into some of the latest innovations related to machine learning, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity. We will see some real examples of AI innovations in the cybersecurity space as well as a technical walkthrough and demonstration of some common attacks and AI applicability to helping solve some of these problems.
  • Auditing Microsoft 365 and Azure Cloud Security -- This is a one-day course for auditors and security teams responsible for security and compliance of their Microsoft 365 and Azure Active Directory (AzureAD) environments. This course is designed with real-world scenarios in mind to provide practical, effective approaches for asking and answering compliance questions; auditing Microsoft 365 before and after solution adoption; and practitioner approach to continuous audit, monitoring, and creating additional security and compliance visibility.
  • Penetration Testing in a Cloud Environment -- What do hackers and other threat actors see when they decide to target your organization and your newly migrated cloud environment? How easily will they find your vulnerabilities and exploit them? Come and see a live demonstration of discovery, vulnerability mapping, and complete exploitation of servers hosted via cloud services. Then we'll discuss data security responsibilities as related to Cloud Service Provider responsibility vs your responsibility, as well as some of the many security advantages gained by migrating to cloud services.

Attendees who register and take advantage of these special workshops can now earn a maximum of 37 CPEs, when combined with your standard conference attendance. 

(To help enterprises and security professionals maximize learning effectiveness, the Infosecurity ISACA North America Expo and Conference 2019 offers multiple venues for building your security knowledge from 18-22 November 2019 — Register now!)

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