Adobe adds security post to its executive management team

Arkin’s elevation to the CSO role will mean a significant expansion is his responsibilities, many of which build upon his experience leading Adobe’s product security response efforts.

Products like Adobe’s flagship PDF reader have been no stranger to security threats over the past several years, as cyber attackers have frequently leveraged the widely used application as part of their attacks. As the now-former director of product security and privacy for Adobe, Arkin was on the front lines of the firm’s response to these continued threats, including its introduction of a sandboxing security feature in 2010.

The newly created CSO post at Adobe will see Arkin report to Bryan Lamkin, the firm’s senior VP of Technology and Corporate Development. In this role, he will lead Adobe’s Engineering Infrastructure Security team, which “maintains security-critical internal services relied upon by our product and engineering teams”, Arkin said in a statement.

“While this is a newly created role at Adobe”, Arkin noted in a blog post, “it’s an expansion of responsibilities that builds upon on the initiatives I’ve been leading for nearly five years at the company.” Those responsibilities include continued oversight of Adobe’s Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) and its Adobe Secure Software Engineering Team (ASSET).

“The driving goal behind our security work is to protect our customers from those who would seek to harm them”, Arkin added. “Adobe has some of the most widely-deployed software in the world and we are keenly aware that this makes us a target.”

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