Alleged TJX hacker has Asperger's Syndrome

According to the Reuters newswire, Gonzalez - whose hacker team are alleged to have downloaded around 170 million card details without authorisation from the TJX Group's computers - has had a psychiatrist question his "capacity to knowingly evaluate the wrongfulness of his actions and consciously behave lawfully and avoid crime".

As a result of the psychiatrist's findings, the judge has delayed sentencing Gonzalez in a Boston federal district court for three months, in order to give prosecutors time to assess the medical issues.

Reuters cites court documents saying that Gonzalez's lawyer hired a psychiatrist who determined that the hacker's criminal behaviour "was consistent with description of the Asperger's disorder" and "internet addiction".

Gonzalez, a former government informant, has pleaded guilty to the charges but has contended from the earliest days since his arrest, that he was not the mastermind behind the hacking saga, despite reports to the contrary.

His lawyer, Martin Weinberg, is quoted in a court filing that he is seeking a minimum sentence because a psychiatrist had found that his client suffered from "diminished capacity".

Gary McKinnon, the self-confessed UFO hacker is currently fighting the final legal stages of an extradition warrant issued by the US, and is expected to be flown from the UK to the US some time in the New Year.

His legal team - led by lawyer Karen Todner - have filed multiple requests through various legal channels seeking a stay on the extradition because of McKinnon's affliction of Asperger's Syndrome, which they claim makes a medical risk if he extradited.

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