Apple iPad is new hacking playground

Alan Bentley, vice president of  Lumension, the endpoint data security expert, says that whether the Apple iPad turns out to be a grand experiment in how we consume media – or garners the iconic status that the iPhone has secured – is dependent on the security implications of this innovative product.

"It is not just the obvious risk of prying eyes when consumers browse confidential corporate data on the bigger screen, there are other data leakage points to consider", he said. "First, the sought-after device is likely to become the target for theft, placing yet more emphasis on businesses to ensure that they have a) approved the use and b) have some control over the data that is being stored off network", he added.

According to Bentley, the second major risk is that the iPad will become the target of browser-based vulnerabilities, as popularity inevitably brings increased risk.

The hacking community, he explained, is attracted to meaningful targets and the more popular the platform the increased chance they will be successful. "The fact that the iPad joins the iPhone, Mac and Google Chrome to use the WebKit open-source browser, means the browser is likely to become a more popular target for the hacker community", he said.

"Times are changing and the consumerisation of IT continues to trend. Businesses need to implement the right policies around the use of personal technology in the workplace, if they want to avoid leaving a gaping hole in their security posture", he added.


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