CESG unveils certification scheme for IT security professionals

The CESG – Communications Electronics Security Group – is the branch of GCHQ which works to secure the communications and information systems of the government and critical parts of UK national infrastructure.

The first two bodies appointed to manage certification are the APM Group and BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT, and CESG says that it will also continue to work with the Institute of Information Security Professionals, appointing the institute to its body of certification authorities later on.

According to the CESG, independent assessment by these certification bodies will help the public and private sectors develop the right skills at the right level for the right jobs.

Information Assurance professionals themselves, says the authority, will benefit by having a clearly defined career development path and through re-assessment, as skills and experience grow, the opportunity to progress.

Chris Ensor, Head of Profession for information assurance at CESG said the move is a major step forward in professionalizing key information assurance roles needed by the public sector.

“This is an important development along the path of securing the UK against cyber attack and protecting government and individuals data. CESG looks forward to continuing close co-operation with the APM Group and BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, in delivering this IA Certification Service”, he said.

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