Check Point completes Nokia's security appliance business

The two companies have been partners for around 12 years, but the acquisition puts Check Point in a strong position in the security appliance marketplace, especially now that IP has become the protocol of choice for both networking and telecoms.

Check Point recently announced plans to release a next-generation IT security technology called the Software Blade Architecture.

The veteran IT security vendor describes a software blade as a logical security building block that is independent, modular and centrally managed.

Software Blades, says the firm, can be quickly enabled and configure into a solution based on specific business needs.

And as user needs evolve, additional blades can be quickly activated to extend security to an existing configuration within the same hardware foundation.

The company plans to release a family of IP-based hardware that comes pre-loaded with NGX R65 or R70 technology.

Until these arrive in the marketplace, Infosecurity understands that Nokia IP-based systems will supplied by Check Point, allowing clients to purchase or lease a single license rather two from both companies.

Gil Shwed, Check Point's chairman and CEO says that his firm now leads the security appliance market with a wide variety of security solutions.

"Through the acquisition, we'll be able to better meet customers' needs and preferences with the latest security software on the leading hardware platforms."

"Our unique Software Blade architecture allows customers to select the exact security protections they need for a given environment, and our comprehensive line of appliances lets customers deploy their custom gateway on the hardware of their choice," he enthused.

Check Point has enlisted the services of Canalys to review and test the Software Blade technology and Alex Smith, a research analyst with the firm, says that, over the last few years Check Point has steadily enhanced its appliance portfolio.

"The acquisition of the Nokia hardware security business vaults Check Point to the forefront of the appliance market."



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