Cyber Security Challenge UK to Admit Fast Track Entrants

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Organizers are promising the most “immersive” Cyber Security Challenge UK Masterclass final ever after announcing this year’s competition would feature two “golden ticket” winners fast-tracked straight to the last round.

New this year, the golden ticket competition gives two talented cybersecurity amateurs the chance to bypass the traditional online and face-to-face rounds which applicants need to navigate to reach the Masterclass.

This element, created by PwC, features a series of progressively more difficult levels, with those with the two highest scores in the country placed straight into the Masterclass with 40 other budding amateurs.

They will compete as honorary PwC consultants called in to investigate a cyber-attack on a fictional energy company which the security services believe can be linked to a previous attack during the year.

They’ll apparently be tasked with uncovering the root cause of the breach, monitoring and protecting the ‘client’s’ estate and reporting back on the findings, all in real time as the attack unfolds.

Candidates will be appraised both on individual skill and how they perform in a team, with interpersonal and decision-making skills particularly favored by employers these days.

Prizes apparently include a mix of university bursaries, professional accreditation, access to industry events and professional internships.

The Cyber Security Challenge UK has a pretty good track record of getting contestants into paid roles – with over half of those taking part in the face-to-face and Masterclass competitions going on to jobs in the industry.

“Cyber threats are increasing in complexity and scale, targeting not only vulnerable systems but also vulnerable business processes and people…we aim to test a combination of candidates’ analytical and technical excellence as well as business skills in a high pressure, real time environment, similar to what they could expect to face in a real world situation,” explained PwC cybersecurity partner, Richard Horne.

“Cybersecurity can often be seen merely as a technical subject, but a well-rounded cyber expert today possesses a diverse skillset, with not only the technical know-how, but also wider business skills such as creativity, organization, relationship building and communication. We look forward to inviting the finalists to this year’s competition, and helping to develop the next generation of cyber talent in the UK.”

Candidates are encouraged to enter via the normal route and the fast-track golden ticket option as both are still open before the final which will be held on 2-4 November in London.

Some of those attending will be the winners of a security challenge held last weekend by BAE Systems and Her Majesty’s Government Communications Centre (HMGCC).

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