Data Safety Tops Cloud Database Security Concerns

As enterprise organizations move their sensitive information to the cloud, the safety of data storage has emerged as the top concern for IT staff.

As the cloud expands, enterprise organizations are hesitant in moving sensitive information to cloud hosted databases. This hesitancy is driven by a wide range of issues, but 44% of respondents identified security risks as a main reason preventing their organizations from moving to database as a Service (DBaaS).

According to HexaTier’s Database as a Service Security Research 2016, an extensive study that reflects survey data from more than 500 IT leaders, the top 10 security concerns of respondents across industries, including financial services, healthcare, transportation, retail and more were:

  1. Safety of Data Storage
  2. DBaaS Provider Can Access Your Data
  3. Physical Location of the Production Data and the Backup Data
  4. External Users Can Access the Database
  5. DBaaS Regulatory Compliance
  6. DDoS and Performance Attacks on the Database
  7. Hidden Sensitive Data
  8. SQL Injection Attacks
  9. Data Theft by Authorized Users
  10. Neighbor Tenants Can Access Data

“Enterprises understand the value the cloud offers; nearly half of the companies we surveyed are already evaluating or using DBaaS providers,” said Dan Dinnar, CEO, HexaTier.  “Yet they need to find new ways to secure their data and comply with regulations. Our database reverse proxy technology offers cloud-ready unified database security which brings agility, scalability and ease-of-use to address these concerns.”

Another 39% of respondents identified compliance and regulation as a main reason for reluctance to migrate, and 32% of respondents identified company policy as an obstacle. About 18% of respondents identified a lack of motivation, and 15% of respondents identified migration costs as a main gating factor.

That said, nearly a fifth of respondents stated that it was only a matter of time before they adopted a DBaaS solution.

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