Does weak cloud password security mean local storage is best?

According to the MD of the data storage solutions vendor - which specialises in encrypted and secure storage technology - password resetting and other security mechanisms in the cloud are always going to be a weak link, as long as user-friendliness comes ahead of security in the cloud computing beauty stakes.

Expecting the man in the street, he said, to whip out a two-factor authentication device for use with a cloud-driven service just isn't realistic. "It's not going to happen", he added.

Cordial noted that developing a transparent security system for use in the cloud is going to be a seriously uphill task for developers.

Even if the developers succeed in creating a viable and transparent cloud authentication system that can be used on a notebook in a coffee shop in the real world, getting that technology to be accepted on a widespread scale is going to take time, he explained.

On the other hand, he said, installing a user-transparent but high-security hard drive or cluster of hard drives, in an office environment, is very easy to implement.

So easy, he added, that most users need not be aware of the fact their data is being encrypted - and decrypted - to military standards in the background and on-the-fly.

"Secure cloud computing will definitely be the norm for most users in about ten years' time. Until then, encrypted local storage will meet users' needs", he said.

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